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no pain, no gain.no guts, no glory.no i.d, no entry.

31 March
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50 first dates, acting, adobe photoshop, aerobatics, aeroplanes, airport, alanis morissette, amazing race, anklets, astronomy, badminton, ballet, banana milk, biking, black olives, blue, bracelets, braces, bubblegum, buko pandan, cakes, calamansi juice, california maki, cameras, capers, caramel sundae, chatting, cheese, chess, chocolates, christian songs, christmas, collaging, conversations, corny jokes, cpk's white balsamic provencal, dalandan juice, digital cameras, discovery channel, disney, eating, enchanted kingdom, finding nemo, flip-flops, food, foodtrips, football, france, free cuts, french fries, friends, fries, frodo, germany, good laughs, green olives, gum, hanson, harmonica, harry potter, hershey's chocolate, holidays, horse-back riding, ice cream, iced white chocolate, india, internet, italian food, italy, jzone, karekare, ken afford, kesong puti, kfc, kiwi, krispy kreme, laughing, laughtrips, lengua, lord of the rings, mangoes, mcdonalds fries, milk, moffatts, movies, muffin films, muffins, mushroom adobo panini, my computer, n.a.s.a, national bookstore, neoprints, pambahay clothes, photography, physics, pictures, pita bread, plane rides, planes, prince harry, quotations, rain, reading, ricky ullman, ritz apple strudel, rootbeer, rootbeer float, sandals, savory's chicken lechon, scrapbooking, seafood, sentosa, sinigang, smiling, snail mail, snow, soccer, solitaire, sour cream, spaghetti, sports, st. scho, starbucks' caesar salad, stickers, strawberries, strawberry, sunrays, sunsets, surprises, swimming, switzerland, table tennis, taekwondo, taho, television, that's so raven, theatre, thefivepeopleyoumeetinheaven, thegiver, theme parks, traveling, tsinelas, violin, watches, water, watermelon shake, white chocolates, yahoo! messenger, yellow